Our base price is for an All Media, Worldwide, Perpetuity license.
We offer discounts for the following license types

Non-broadcast Use = 25% off the base price.
Non-profit Use = 25% off the base price.
Non-broadcast & Non-profit Use = 50% off the base price.
Web Use = 75% off the base price.
Student Use = 75% off the base price.

We also sell all rights (i.e., transfer of ownership) for some clips, typically at 3x the base price.

To receive your discount select the license from the dropdown list under the large video on the product page.

We also offer 10% off for purchases of 10 or more clips.
The discount can be used in combination with other discounts.
The bulk discount will automatically be taken off during the checkout process.

For more information on licenses click here.